About MashupCiti

MashupCiti is where music meets the melting pot and features mashup music for everyone and anyone who appreciates music and the possibilities they hold. Started in 2007, MashupCiti quickly moved to the top as the ‘go-to’ place for some of the best mashups found on the web. Publishing two mashups a day,  MashupCiti is a great site if you want to download free mashups, learn how to make a mashup, find mashup news and of course listen to free mashups!

A resource for audiophiles and DJs alike, it’s fairly common to hear MashupCiti featured tracks played on radio stations or in DJ mixes in clubs from Edmonton to Munich.

MashupCiti Facts:

MashupCiti citizens are mostly (Alexa):

  • College Educated
  • Male
  • Ages 18 – 34
  • Love music!

In 2011, MashupCiti has continued to grow influence, brand and site traffic.

  • Over 864,000 pagesviews
  • Average time on site 2:54
  • Over 207,000 visits
  • United States, United Kingdom, Canada ,Germany and Australia, top 5 countries are visiting MashupCiti!
  • Sponsored 1 event in partnership with Hooked in 60 Seconds!

MashupCiti is also involved in social media and currently is found on;

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