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  • Numb up V2

    A proper pairing of Jay-Z, Linkin Park and Cameo. Who would’ve thunk this? Share on TumblrDigg Digg

  • Just Another Rakfunk Helix

    Very excited to share this as I really enjoyed it. The addition of MJ was an excellent choice. A fun, dance driven mashup that I...

  • Marathon Mashup 2012

    Created to run a marathon by GLS. I hope you have a good time in the marathon man! Black Eyed Peas – Lets Get It...

  • Forgot About Love

    Rough! As in it’s good and grimy and makes say “hellsyeah”.

  • Flowerbomb


  • The 4th point of procrastination

    The 4th release of envision Mashed Production is released! 60 mashup tracks from 35 extremely talented mashup producers! Sit back and listen to 4 hours...

  • Freakin’ it Tonight

    Wow, Will Smith, is so hard…NOT TO DANCE TOO! This works;

  • Tighten Up Vs. Touch The Sky

    Whoa. Now I’d love to see this live. All kinds of greatness. It’s mashups like these that really get me excited and think about the...

  • Mercy Vs Babylon

    Awesome. Sick dubstep mashup.

  • Porter’s Cinema

    Just a nice relaxing breath of mashup music air. Lets me sit back and relax,  let the mind wander,  and then BOOM! Shit gets real.