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  • Close To Seventeen Years

    Sorry for the absent posts this last week. So here is a seriously sick bootleg from Koyote! This may cause awesome, erections, and insane dance...

  • Lil Kavinsky

    God damn it. I don’t know if this is known, but I’m not the biggest fan of Lil Wayne. It’s probably because I’m listening to...

  • Drive My Love

      A quality high energy mashup by KA5UM with some 3LAU ft. Incubus! Whoa, haven’t heard a good mashup of them in a while.

  • My Lollipop

      Shiiiiit. Was NOT expecting this! Christ, it adds depth to Lil Waynes pop rap! What was once one of the most over remixed/mashed Lil...

  • Deviance Vs. Beast Mode

      Beast Mode mashup! Rawr! Grrrr! When I heard this mashup the first thing that came to mind was a bear. A GRIZZLY BEAR!

  • DOSVEC – Rain Away Video

    Rain Away gets some DOPE Visuals

  • Stop violence against women

    Apparently it takes only 3 years for everyone, fans, media and peers within the music industry to forgive and forget that a person savagely beat...

  • Adventure Beat

    I don’t know about you guys, but I do dig me some Adventure Club. Throw in some ‘Beat it’ for good measure, and you get...

  • Just fascination (A Copycat Remix)

      Copycat keeps things calm, cool and suave with this stellar remix. Disco martinni?

  • Crave You

      A sneak peak into Dallas Waldos upcomign mashup album “Mashed & Gravy: Volume 1″ Swanky! I do hope there will be more to come!

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