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  • Bring the noise when killing Billie Jean in the name of my Adidas

    It just makes sense. Rage with Public Enemy? Throw in some Run DMC into this goulash of mashup music and finish it off with MJ....

  • Call Me Maybe in 2012

    I warned you all! I tried dammit! This summer is turning into the Carly Rae Jepsen mashup summer! So bet it, but remember I DID...

  • Original Wedding

    INXS mashed with Billy Idol! Original sin was released in 1983 while Billy Idols was released in 1982. Separated only by about a year and...

  • This Is Cray

    It’s a fun and energetic mashup of Carly Rae Jepsen, who is quickly becoming THE girl to mashup these days.  

  • Freud Phobia

    48 minute mashup set from Bosselmeye!

  • Fugue To Die in E minor

    Anyone else expecting to see Lana Del Rey in a Tarantino movie? Seems appropriate.  

  • Breakin’ Daft Punk

    Pay attention here, lots of greatness happening very quickly! Or just enjoy the ride.  

  • Lana Del Rey Mashup Album

    A Lana Del Rey mashup set (Album?). Ultimately, some hits and some misses but the hits are home runs.

  • Stifling digital entrepreneurship

    I received this newsletter from on Monday, and it starts off like this; Ugh. We’ll see. My first reaction is one that makes me...

  • #hashtag

    DJ Burnout has release an epic mashup album. Lot’s of great music here for everyone.