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  • Sex On A Beach [Summer Bootleg]

    Oh gawd yes. Summer is coming. So to celebrate, have a listen to Stars Above teamed up with Sphoric in their latest mashup creation. Share...

  • Dedication to my Black Eyed Duffy

    Well, that Black Eye Peas I wasn’t so fond of, which I really just blame to hearing them constantly last year. But this mashup pulls...

  • 99 Stairways

    You know what I like about this the most? The flute. It needs more electric jazz flute!

  • How the Canadian Government intends to spy on us; Thanks Bill C-30!

    The only thing I like about Bill C-30 (and its predecessors) is the moving of mashups from the gray legal area and moving them into...

  • Just Don’t Cry

    I know that Bruno Mars get’s a lot of attention in the mashup arena, but I just wanted to share this really great high quality...

  • Canadian media companies just don’t get the internet.

    After reading this article, Canadian Media Companies Target CBC’s Free Music Site at Slashdot, I was infuriated and then slightly amused once I calmed down....

  • Testify Emergency

    The sense of immediacy and emergency are really capitalizd in this high energy mashup by DJ Koni!

  • Pursuit Of Being Stronger

    Just another GREAT mashup track from Kyotote. Try not to toe tap, head bob or even dance to this. Go ahead, try.

  • Stir the karma

    Oh my, DRA’man at it again. Stirring it up for sure. There needs to be more Morcheeba mashups I think.

  • DOSVEC “Dirt Licker”

    With a name like “Dirt Licker” just press play & RAGE DOSVEC on FaceBook DOSVEC on Twitter