Mashup Album

  • Mo Gil Mo Problems [Final Fantasy VII mashup]

    I have a lot of fond memories playing Final Fantasy VII as a kid. I think there are some pretty good wins with this mashup...

  • Bits & Pieces

    Bosselmeyer has released a new mashup album, “Bits & Pieces”. Happy weekend Mashup Citizens! ...

  • MIDIS and Biddies

    Fantastic female vocals mashed over blip blop bee-boop instrumentals for a truly wonderful mashup experience.

  • Walt Disnizzle

    77 minutes of mashup Disney greatness. This may either destroy your childhood or get you moving.

  • Un-metalised Vol.2 – Various artists

    Vol2 of DRA’man metal mashup album! Raise them devil horns and get your head banging on.

  • Un-metalised Vol.1 – Korn vs. various artists

    Un-metalised Vol. 1 features mashup focused around Korn brought to you by the fantastic mashup producer talent DRA’man. Yeah. It’s like foreplay to volume 2....

  • Nameless Bootless Pack Vol. 3

    Hot mashup bootie album. Some great floor slayers in here. Happy Victoria Day! I’ma git drunk.


    Wow, some truly fantastic mashups in this mashup album. Love love love. Tunning in Killer No Angels (feat. Ella Eyre) Walk to oblivion Forever ever...

  • Aesop Waits

    A really fantastic mashup album of Tom Waits and Aesop Rock. I really like the oddness of this. Fits very well with the Tom Waits...

  • Barracuda

    It’s been almost four years since Flying White Dots released a mash-up album. One of the best mash-up album producers around has smerged several classic...