Alternative Mashups


    A lot of great artists mashed up here to create a wonderful dream like experience. Share on TumblrDigg Digg

  • I’ll Make A Black Horse And A Cherry Tree Out Of You

    Continuing to add to our list of movie music being mashed up here is something that is almost A-Team like. Makes me want to do...

  • Song of the distant Rachel

    With the recent news of a Blade Runner sequel in the mix, what a great time to revisit this award winning and ground breaking soundtrack....


    There is an innocents caputured here with Cohens vocals and Xpurms delicate, dream like musical score.

  • Les Artistes Fade

    Bizarre and wonderfully peculiar. Popin n locking to this one.

  • Dernière Danse D’Ete

    Yeah, I’m ok with more Lana Del Rey mashups.  Another fascinating mashup with an instrumental by Indila I’ve never heard. Instant fan.

  • Hey Mama

    A rockin chill mashup that just makes me want to lay back in the grass and stare up in the star filled sky.

  • Ken Never Says Never

    This is somehow extremely fitting for the Beebs. His youthlike appeal fits very well in the “kid stuck infront of the gaming console” image perfectly.

  • Hotel Carcosa

    That monster waiting for you at the end of a dream. I hate that guy. This would be a great addition to any Halloween mashup...

  • I Don’t Switch

    Amon Tobin has always been a creepy kinda awesome. This works surprisingly well with Fallout Boy, so it’s no surprise it comes from Sherlock Poirot.