Alternative Mashups

  • What’s He Building There?

    I really wanna know what he’s building in there. A captivating mashup that excites the imagination. Share on...

  • Tangle like an eagle

    I can’t go a week without listening to what DRA’man is cooking up.

  • Bad Romances are Going Up

    David Lynch and Lady GaGa make a wonderfully creepy and strange mashup.

  • Beastie Birds

    Mother of god this is fantastic. I want it to go on and on and then turn into some kind of Sponge Bob Square Pants...

  • American Sabbath

    I’m pretty damn sure we have seen Lana Del Rey mashups move from the realm of Tarantino and into the nightmares of Rob Zombie. Pretty...

  • Fallin’ For Kraid

    Not going to lie to you. The cover peaked my interest initially, but once this mashup gets going. Whoa. How weird and wonderful would it...

  • Bring Me The New Year Mashup!!!

    This time of year you are going to hear many 2013 mashup anthems. But only MashupCiti is going to share with you the best!

  • Say my name x Spectrum

    A really fantastic and interesting creation/interpretation of the live mashup. NO DJs, make a mental note to send them some love and keep an ear...

  • Mr Disposition

    I can admit to you, I went into this mashup not really expecting much. Turns out it over delivered rather nicely. [soundcloud url=”″ width=”100%” height=”166″...

  • Sanford e Hijo

    Gotta love the Sanford & Sons theme song.