Alternative Mashups

  • Booty Booty

    Another fun mashup from Stickswork. I’m guessing he provides the drums on this as well. Share on TumblrDigg Digg

  • Latin Uprising

    That jazz is pretty awesome in this fantastic mashup by Sherlock Poirot. It reminds me a bit of Lambs first album.  


    I really enjoy Sigur Ros so I was pretty surprised to hear this mashup. At the same time Sigur Ros is a great fit for...

  • Rollin and Tumblin’ Go to sleep little baby

    I’m a pretty big Muddy Waters fan, and suddenly I wondered what mashups out there in the internets there might be of him. Found gold....

  • Big Furry Fox

    First mashup I’ve hear of the “The Fox” song. This is a very creepy take on it I think.  

  • Party Right In My Tummy

    My 20 month old daughter loves her Yo Gabba Gabba and now likes Skrillex. Pretty awesome kid.

  • Owner of a Misunderstood Heart

    Just need some flamenco dancers stoppin around!

  • Blues Br-Others

    A classic mashup featuring overweight middle aged white muther-fuckers jumping up and down on a stage trying to sing the blues. From the very talented...

  • Closer To Dragula

    A great addition to your Halloween mashup playlist. Two spin chilling classic meet for a truly rock’n terrifying experience!

  • Spookyhop 2.0

    A very eclectic mash of many different songs. I think there is a bunch of old TV shows or something in this along with rap...