Alternative Mashups

  • Blue Thriller

    A refreshing approach to an extremely overused acapella of Michael Jacksons Halloween classic. It now has that Tarintino vibe to it, which might make this...

  • Journey Of Faith †

    Fantastic crowed please for a Halloween mashup experience!

  • HALLOWEEN Katy Perry – Horror E.T.

    One of the great fun things about Halloween, is how it plays off of peoples fears. I know a few people who are terrifyied of...

  • The Harbor is Yours/Gangplank Galleon

    Nautical Donkey Kong level music meets Aesop Rocks sea fairing pirate rap story! Bootie A-HOY!!

  • Papa Was A Horror Story

    Truly creepy! Completely changes the direction of the Temptations song and shifts it away from a soulful motown classic to something much darker. I love...

  • This Is Halloween (Motherfuckin’ Monster)

    I’d like to hear more mashup involving music featured from “The Nightmare before Christmas”.  Stuff like that.

  • Ante Up (Battle!)

    Now this is battle music that will get things moving along!

  • Intergalactic Zelda

    Adventuring in Hyrule has never had such an awesome groove! Take this fat beat, it’s dangerous to go alone! [soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″...

  • Duck Grips

    I never could get into DuckTails on ye old Super Nintendo. So I don’t have the same kind of nostalgia as other might with this....

  • Pokemane

    Mashup nerd-gasim. I’m kind of surprised I haven’t heard of a pokemon mashup before this.