Country Mashups

  • The Way You Hurt (Extended Version)

    Sick mashup! It hurts ya right in the feels! What a great cover as well.

  • Need My Baby Now

    A country twist of Bieber! You know, before he got all douchey.  

  • Bring Me The New Year Mashup!!!

    This time of year you are going to hear many 2013 mashup anthems. But only MashupCiti is going to share with you the best! Mashup...

  • Hey Greyhound

    Pretty hot mashup! Pretty straight forward and effective! Can you consider this to be sort of a country mashup? I put it into that category…cause...

  • When I’m Hurt

    Holy shite. Prepare for your mind to be BLASTED! I’m immediately reminded of how you miss someone when they are gone. Gets you right in...