Country Mashups

  • Hey Brother

    A new age dancey country song from Avicii gets a ‘smash’ treatment from DCKZ. Share on TumblrDigg...

  • Country Girl Wop That Thun Thun

    Country girls shaking it. Love it.

  • Both Of Us Are Coming Back

    Flashard knows how to get me right in the feels. Do you think Calvin Harris could pull off singing some country songs? [soundcloud url=”″ params=””...

  • 22 Til Infinity

    I just like the vibe of this and wanted to share. And the t-shirt photo I found is hilarious. Don’t get me wrong, I love...

  • Youth Gone Old

    Hellz yes! Fissunix gone wild! Ok maybe not, that might be a bit strange, but just let the mashup do it’s thing man.

  • Ain’t No Grave

    Really fantastic and haunting mashup by Bigg H. I kinda think that Johnny Cash is now walking around…

  • Dub of Fire

    Johnny Cash  finding his inner reggae with King Tubby!

  • Cry Harder 1.0

    Cry Harder 1.0 by HongKongGeorge

  • Still Hurtin

    Johnny Cash vs. Philretro Spector

  • Wicked Killers

    Fantastic track from Phil Retrospector again! I had to listen to this a few times to really appreciate the quality of this. Whats the most...