Dance Mashups

  • You Faded

    Things get dark and mysterious with this mashup by Fieesto. If you haven’t been paying attention, I’m on a bit of a Fieesto kick. Happy...

  • One Turn Inside Down

    Adding Disturbed to this mashup turned it from a mediocre mashup and into awesome. Check out that graphic.

  • Fried Poison

    Some old school R&B with Bell Biv DeVo!

  • Killing The Insane

    RATM and Cypress Hill are so made for each other!

  • Streamers Overnight

    Haven’t heard this Twista song in some time. Great for a revisit in this mashup!

  • Get Lucky Swag

    The “Get Lucky” Beats Antique cover is stupid dope. Somehow this works wonderfully with the Crizzly Remix of Snap Back.

  • Clarity In Our Flaws

    A really interesting change of pace for Zedds Clarity.

  • Ratatat’s Pain

    Sick mashup. I think a Ratatat/Tupac mashup album would be awesome.

  • 99 Problems Mashup

    I know of one problem Iggy has. It has to do with fingers. If you go see her live, seriously, stop doing that.

  • 23 Kitty

    I don’t…it’s just….damnit. Add this to my guilty pleasures list. What have you done YepImTheToaster?!?!