Pop Mashups

  • Birds

    Whoa I hardly recognized Ace of Base there. Share on TumblrDigg Digg

  • Summertime Fly

    I’d trade summer time sadness for this winter bull shit. In a heartbeat! Just thought I’d share.

  • Channel Surfin

    In the first 10 seconds I had flashbacks to of some memorable moments from my childhood. Nostalgia mashups are so gnarly dude.

  • Rise And Roar

    A really interesting take on Katy Perry’s uplifting pop track, takes on a more serious and almost sinister vibe with Big Gigantic.

  • Beautiful Bamba

    Hell yes. Devo man!

  • Ready For I Love La Vida Action

    Amazing to hear how well these work together. You can down load this and many more from Ross D’s facebook page here.

  • Make it easy

    That Madonna pop adds a bit more sexiness to the Queens of the Stone Age make out song. I’m trying a new embed code her...

  • Calling all Monsters

    Mashup Germany is some kind of freak of nature that consistently hits home runs.

  • Stylo Can’t Dance

    I want to see a Gorillaz character of Phil Collins now.

  • Girls Girls Girls

    Bad girls, God love em. On a beach.