Pop Mashups

  • Mama Jagger Knocks You Out

    Watch out for a mean jab followed by a hard over hand from the very talented Homogenic Chaos! Share...

  • Beethoven’s Symphony 5 With Mambo 5

    A fantastic symphony mashup composition conducted by Akira Miyagawa. Truly amazing to watch and listen. I think this guy likes trees.

  • Candy Roar

    Holy christ it’s just so HAPPY! Is it possible to make it even more positive happy go lucky??! I don’t think so. [soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/116880513″ width=”100%”...

  • Antidote To Love

    Don’t take the antidote. Don’t do it. Let the love set in and take over.

  • PaperRoar

    A really great mashup from DJ Lobsterdust of roaring high planes! I love the transition to M.I.A.s track at the 3min mark. So funky. [soundcloud...

  • Oooh Cheers

    TV show theme song mashups are hard to find, so when I do find them I’m quick to share them.

  • Remember the Love Boat time

    I’m surprised the Love Boat theme is not mashed as often. I was just a kid when this was out but I still remember the...

  • Bring The Files Jim

    The them for “The Rockford Files” really should be mashed more often.

  • Monster Mash 5.0

    I wonder if Ray Parker Jr. knew what he was getting into with this track. I think every year we get to see Ghost Busters...

  • Blue Thriller

    A refreshing approach to an extremely overused acapella of Michael Jacksons Halloween classic. It now has that Tarintino vibe to it, which might make this...