Pop Mashups

  • Crying Unconditionally

    A great mashup that I was not expecting. I was thinking I was going to hear Katy Perry signing, so that’s kinda cool. Share on...

  • Ta1k Dirty (Extended Edit by MixmstrStel)

    Another home run from MixmstrStel! Happy weekend!

  • We Like To Relax

    Apt timing of this. Some friends and I were just talking about Frankie Goes to Hollywood the other day and this song. Lots of great...

  • Les Artistes Fade

    Bizarre and wonderfully peculiar. Popin n locking to this one.

  • California Gurls Get Carried Away

    There’s a kind of ‘funk’ that Passion Pit has captured in their song “Carried Away”. Add Katy Perry “California Gurls” on top of that and...

  • Ooh Royals

    Not bloody bad at all. I like the progression of this.

  • Dernière Danse D’Ete

    Yeah, I’m ok with more Lana Del Rey mashups.  Another fascinating mashup with an instrumental by Indila I’ve never heard. Instant fan.

  • Party in Black

    This Lemaitre “Cut to Black” instrumental is so awesome. Massive improvement to Miley Cyruses Party in the USA.

  • # K E $ H I E

    #Selfie is a great stylistic mashup with the Ke$sha. Some “eat sleep rave repeat” would be accommodating as well.

  • What The Other Side

    If Logandale is making mashups like this every Monday, I can say I will look forward to Mondays now.