Pop Mashups

  • Move That Dope, Rasputin

    Putin just needs to chill and listen to this mashup, and everything will work out. Share on TumblrDigg Digg

  • Ken Never Says Never

    This is somehow extremely fitting for the Beebs. His youthlike appeal fits very well in the “kid stuck infront of the gaming console” image perfectly.

  • Magic Touch

    So much fun and high step energy, I’m really enjoying this mashup of 31 songs mashed into one!

  • Losing Sleep With The Voice Of Dru

    Now that I’m a bit older, the only reason I’m losing sleep is because my 2 year old daughter wakes me up at 3am for...

  • Lucky Summertime

    I like the bounce in this. Lana Del Ray has a sauciness that I appreciate.

  • Blurred Stop

    I dig this synth sound, works really well with the Robin Thicke. Well done DJ Alijas.

  • Ye of Thrones

    I’m super pumped for this next season of GoT, and for the release of the final book. However this mashup posses a troubling question. If...

  • Rather Be Poker Face

    I like the chill take on this classic GaGa track.

  • Stay the Night By Me

    I love the ‘Stand by me’ and ‘Stay the night’ themes working together off each other here.

  • 34 Track Mega Diva Mashup

    Whoa, two amazing women mashing some of their most popular singles. Nostalgia overload. Roel Regelink is fighting the good fight. I’m sure this is going...