Rap Mashups

  • Jolene Is Mine

    Yes! More country mashup greatness! Adds a layer of sobriety and urgency to Jay-Z’s lyrics. Great work! ...

  • Better Suit

    With GRiZ I imagine a better suit is something along the lines of Jackie Chans (terrible) movie The Tuxedo. All super spy like and stuff....

  • Heaven on Fire

    This is surprising. Who would’ve thunk the reggae/pop inspired sounds of Bruno Mars would work so well with the Kings of Leon? Ludacris works with...

  • Touch the Dream

    Dream big! This mashup is very inspirational. I feel like I need to go and do something positive.

  • Acceptable Encores

    Another great mashup from SDX Records. The Jay-Z vs. Jock James is pretty epic.

  • Fresh Suit & Tie

    Yeah! DAW-GUN is so Kool he is gonna show us a few things. A refreshing mashup of JT’s awesome release.

  • Kavinsky vs Notorious B.I.G

    Pretty awesome Biggie mashup. The Kavinsky adds a certain digital thug vibe to it. Kavinsky vs Notorious B.I.G – YouTube.

  • I Miss You Forever

    Yup, pretty damn good. I’d like to see more Blink 182 mashups myself, but you know. That’s just me.

  • TestTheSky

    I can testify on how sweet this mashup is.

  • Just A Poppa

    Straight forward, elegant, simple and wonderful.