Rap Mashups

  • Numb up V2

    A proper pairing of Jay-Z, Linkin Park and Cameo. Who would’ve thunk this? Share on TumblrDigg Digg

  • Marathon Mashup 2012

    Created to run a marathon by GLS. I hope you have a good time in the marathon man! Black Eyed Peas – Lets Get It...

  • Forgot About Love

    Rough! As in it’s good and grimy and makes say “hellsyeah”.

  • Tighten Up Vs. Touch The Sky

    Whoa. Now I’d love to see this live. All kinds of greatness. It’s mashups like these that really get me excited and think about the...

  • This Is Cray

    It’s a fun and energetic mashup of Carly Rae Jepsen, who is quickly becoming THE girl to mashup these days.  

  • Dedication to my Black Eyed Duffy

    Well, that Black Eye Peas I wasn’t so fond of, which I really just blame to hearing them constantly last year. But this mashup pulls...

  • 99 Stairways

    You know what I like about this the most? The flute. It needs more electric jazz flute!

  • 3 Shots Deep

    This mashup reminds me of my first shot of really good tequila. You know, that pricey stuff that you can drink like water and then...

  • Can’t Hold Us Low

    Another great mashup by Kosher Kittens. It’s smooth, slick and introduces a side of Ludacris I wish he would further explore as an artist.

  • Revenge Is Quite Tasty

    Have a sneek peak at DJ Burnouts upcoming album #hashtag. Slated to come out in 4/20.We’ll be featuring that I’ll bet!