R&B Mashups

  • 2Pac vs. Ratatat

    Rather than those creepy holograms of 2Pac, I prefer to find reinvention of his music through awesome mashups such as this. Share on TumblrDigg Digg

  • Me gustas Or not

    Muy buena!

  • Paddling Life

    I know we are supposed to not like Kanye and Kim or whatever, but we are still allowed to like mashups with Kanye right? Well...

  • Last Night In The Forest

    DJ saved my life with some chill mashups.

  • Softly Killing My Vibe

    Just to be warned, some explicit lyrics here, but what a great mashup.

  • Late Night Thursday

    One of the better Childish Gambino mashups. I mean there are a lot! But this one is new. Works so well with abhi//dijon.

  • Keep the freak on me

    Did you know this is on the movie “Neighbors” soundtrack? I knew I recognized it during the hot house sequence. DRA’man you da man! Why...

  • Guitar Track Vs Aerosol Can

    Pretty cool high energy mahsup! Makes me want to run around in circles. It’s O.K.! That’s a good thing.

  • Running Happy

    Great mashup of Pharrells smooth neo-r&b funk crossed with the power rock of Airbourne! Definitely check out the video.

  • Naive Sir Duke

    The Kooks? I don’t know if I’ve ever heard of them! But now I have. An interesting mashup with the R&B styles of Stevie Wonder....