R&B Mashups

  • What The Other Side

    If Logandale is making mashups like this every Monday, I can say I will look forward to Mondays now. Share on TumblrDigg Digg

  • Like A Rolling Sex Machine

    You wanna know how it feels? It feels good man. It feels really good.

  • You’re All I Need

    Give me some mowtown any day and I’m a happy dude.

  • Magic Touch

    So much fun and high step energy, I’m really enjoying this mashup of 31 songs mashed into one!

  • Ye of Thrones

    I’m super pumped for this next season of GoT, and for the release of the final book. However this mashup posses a troubling question. If...

  • Stay the Night By Me

    I love the ‘Stand by me’ and ‘Stay the night’ themes working together off each other here.

  • Heartbreak

    Becoming more serious and brooding, a really interesting mashup from flipboitamidles. This mashup was created exclusively for the GLDN Standard Mixtape. A mashup collective that...

  • Feel lawless


  • Pay Your Taxes

    I have never heard of Klangkarussell. Now I have and I’m happier for it.

  • No Angels

    Wonderful mashup. So chilled and creepy. The addition of Norman Bates snippets is excellent.