Rock Mashups

  • American Sabbath

    I’m pretty damn sure we have seen Lana Del Rey mashups move from the realm of Tarantino and into the nightmares of Rob Zombie. Pretty...

  • Skyfall Must Go On

    Just when you think you’re over Adele she pulls you back in again rocking it out with Queen. It almost sounds like Freddie is singing...

  • Tequila Sunrise

    So weird and wonderful!

  • Seven Head Army

    Super hot mashup with the White Stripes. Haven’t heard on in a while so here we go.

  • Bring Me The New Year Mashup!!!

    This time of year you are going to hear many 2013 mashup anthems. But only MashupCiti is going to share with you the best!

  • Time Out From The Pretender

    Bizarre. I wonder if Foo Fighters would ever consider in performing this mashup live? Might cause a riot.

  • Teenagers (Bring The Noise)

    An awesome mashup from DJ Rockstar, keeping that rock rolling.

  • Living in a City of Lights [Extended Mix]

    So positive and uplifting! Living on a prayer never seemed so appealing. It starts a bit late but just give it 5 seconds to get...

  • Jailbreak Thang

    Thin Lizzy is so gansta! Damn! Jail break’n n shiiiiiiit.

  • Up & Down cup

    Turning that folksy rockĀ  style from Nick Cave into a sick dance track with a dab of Pretty Lights…DRA’man you make me smile dude. [soundcloud...