Rock Mashups

  • Wake Me Up Down Under

    Bloody nice. When I first saw the title of who was mashed I thought “Of course, that is going to be awesome”. I wasn’t disappointed....

  • Stroke

    Smooth as silk.

  • Mr Disposition

    I can admit to you, I went into this mashup not really expecting much. Turns out it over delivered rather nicely. [soundcloud url=”″ width=”100%” height=”166″...

  • Time For Our Little Talks

    Awesome! Need more Of Monsters & Men mashups!

  • High

    Damn. I can’t help but still drop F bombs on cue. Still, this is a pretty fantastic mashup.

  • Nothing On Roar Bloom Affair

    Pretty cool mashup by Shahar Varshal! I like how Cobains vocals almost sound like a roar riding along the Perry track. B.O.B. is a nice...

  • Latin Uprising

    That jazz is pretty awesome in this fantastic mashup by Sherlock Poirot. It reminds me a bit of Lambs first album.  

  • I changed my midlife crisis

    How many Faith No More mashups have you heard? Probably hardly any. Here’s one.

  • Peter Claire

    Continuing with the TV/Movie music theme mashups, this is a pretty interesting one from BC Johnson with the B-52’s and The Blue Brothers.


    I really enjoy Sigur Ros so I was pretty surprised to hear this mashup. At the same time Sigur Ros is a great fit for...