Rock Mashups

  • Sex On Fire

    A wonderful classical mashup with a very popular rock song. It makes it feel sad some how. I think I need a hug. *sniff* Share...

  • So Happy it Hurts

    A very different take on Pharrells popular ‘Happy’ track. A bit more of a somber view point from the Man in Black.

  • Metallica Goes To Punjab

    Dear god I wish there was an actual video for this with Metallica and Panjabi MC. So fantastic. Well done Wax Audio.

  • Liar on the moon

    Great mashup with a great mashup video! How about them apples?

  • Plugged In

    AC/DC and Lil’Jon? Plug me in and crank it to 11! Lil Jon needs some googly eyes on this album cover.

  • I’ll Make A Black Horse And A Cherry Tree Out Of You

    Continuing to add to our list of movie music being mashed up here is something that is almost A-Team like. Makes me want to do...

  • 2 For Tom’s Diner

    A fascinating re-imaging of Suzanne Vegas classic vocals over some sick  ratchet hip-hop. Magical.

  • Check-Out And Play

    The sociopath like vocals of the Offspring are a great fit to the frantic pace of of “Check-Out Time”.¬† Not to mention the pairing of...

  • California Gurls Get Carried Away

    There’s a kind of ‘funk’ that Passion Pit has captured in their song “Carried Away”. Add Katy Perry “California Gurls” on top of that and...

  • What The Other Side

    If Logandale is making mashups like this every Monday, I can say I will look forward to Mondays now.