Halloween Mashups

Halloween Mashups

Prepare for the Halloween Mashup!

If there ever was a better time to start exploring the worlds of mashups, Halloween is possibly it. Through out the years many mashup producers have been releasing fantastically horrifying, creepy brilliant mashups that make me giddy just thinking about them.

These are typically released in mashup Halloween albums, sets or group compilations which really are perfect for any Halloween party. Usually incorporating classic Halloween samples from TV shows, movies and other pop culture music sources they get a modern make over with an injection of pretty much any top 10 track that is out this year.

Any holiday masjup is a great way to celebrate the past with keeping those audio experiences relevant with a modern twist.

Here are a few of my favorites from the past.

A little Piece About death created by Qubic. I believe his son introduce him to one of the bands mashed here. Overall he managed to create a truely great Halloween mashup about love, murder and necrophilia.

Undone Lullaby featuring the already creepy “The Cure” masterfully mashed to the tortured souls of “Korn”. Gives me shivers.

Death Sentenced Lost! Is an amazing mashup by …And Sushi Productions. It’s just so bizzare I need to listen to this often.

Gangnam Busters it’s not a Halloween party untill the Ray Parker Jr. comes out with last years mega hit from Psy.

Those are just a few of my favorites to get you started. For those of you who are looking for some more great Halloween mashups, look no further!

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