DJ Flashard Multitrack Recorder review (iPad)

Received an iPad 2 for a rather special birthday (lucky me!), and wanted to use it for mashing tracks on the move – like whilst being on holiday, on the train, long car journeys, etc. On initial views, there didn’t seem to be an App out there by one of the normal software houses that you would associate with mashing (ie. Sony, Ableton, etc.), so had to look a little further. Eventually, I stubbled on an App called Meteor Multitrack Recorder by which seemed to advertise capabilities that I was looking for. At £12, it wasn’t cheap for an App, but eventually decided to take the plunge and separate with my hard earned cash.

For my initial trial, I decided to try a simple A+B mash from two tracks that were relatively similar – the BPM were quite close and I still had to run them through Mixed In Key on my PC to ensure the keys were compatible. On uploading the sources to the iPad, importing them into the App was pretty easy. The mental went first to set the pace, then the pella. This needed time stretching a little as it was too fast to start with, but the App has a tool which helps with this, and the metronome helped too. After a little trial and error, the timing on each track matched, so it was just a matter of matching up the chorus and verse, cutting and pasting some of the vocals to make the mash sound more interesting, and adding a little reverb here and there to help blend Annie’s vocals into the backing track.

The tool lets you save your work into Wav format, so I then copied the pre-production mash back to my PC to finalize it and convert to mp3. The App itself is very good, but takes some getting used to the touchscreen controls.

The worst part is the lack of accuracy your finger gives you (compared with the pointer of a mouse). I kind of got round this by investing in a stylus which has improved things a little. Overall, well worth the £12 investment, and I hope 4Pockets keep developing the App from feedback from users. I’m off to find some more sources that I can mash together. Will post how [once] I get on to Mashupciti and my blog.


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