How to market your mashup song

I wanted to share some insights on what I can only call, “how to market your mashup song”. This is mostly because I get to review any where from 5 to 30 mashups a day.

I’ve started thinking about what are some of the things I’m looking for and what are some warning indicators even before I’ve started listening to the mashup. So here is what I’ve broken I’ve been thinking.

What you’re going to learn

  • Preparing your mashup song
  • How to contact websites
  • Distributing your mashup
  • How to use social media to promote your music
  • Some final thoughts

Preparing your mashup song

In preparing your completed mashup something to consider (other than all the technical elements) is as simple as what the name for your mashup is going to be.

I have featured mashups that have very dull, but descriptive, names such as “Zedd vs. Lady GaGa” or something to that affect and doesn’t do anything creative at all. However that is boring and really doesn’t stand out for me. I get so see A LOT of mashups every day so I see this is an opportunity to sell it and extend your mashup idea into the title of your track.

Example of a good mashup title

A quick and easy example, take Zedds latest YouTube promo track, “Find you” and Lady GaGa‘s latest “G.U.Y.” to a simple mashup title “Find G.U.Y.” or “G.U.Y. You”.  It may seem silly but when I have 30 mashup to review, the title is one of the first things I see. So be creative!

Artwork may seem to lower on the priority list, but we respond really well to visual stimuli and people who review music are no different. Making an interesting mashup cover will help it stand out amongst the competition. Again extending your mashup idea into art really helps bring it all together.


How to contact websites

When your looking to notify sites of your mashup, you should do some research into what is going to be the best way to contact them. At MashupCiti I have a bunch of social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, which are really used to see trends and engage in one to one conversations. They are not exactly the best way to grab my attention when you want to send me your mashup though, or a least not my preferred method, so that is why I have the “Send in Mashups” form. The form answers all the questions I may need in one place if I’m going to feature your mashup. So take advantage of that.

Something else to consider is ‘who is your audience?’. If you want to appeal to your peers there are lots of DJ forums and sites that you can share your music with. While it’s a great idea to bounce ideas off of and receive feedback from them, it may not be the best way to grow your audience. But if a broader fan base, let’s say consumers, then you’re going to have to earn them the hard way. One listener at a time.


Distributing your mashup

spread the word about your mashupAt MashupCiti people send in their mashups using all kinds of different communication vehicles for distribution. Services like SoundCloud, Youtube, Hearthis are extremely popular and powerful.  Although I do get the occasional mashup in the form of a direct file or some kind of file cloud sharing service which is something I do not really like. I don’t want to download the mp3, I just want to hear it in one or two clicks, find I don’t like it, delete it and move on.  It sounds silly but adding a download mp3 to the review process is adding friction, especially when you consider the reviewer may have a lot more songs to review.

  • Need more plays on your SoundCloud account? I recommend in reading the SoundCloud VIP ebook to see how to use SoundCloud in your marketing strategy. Check out this book for tips on your marketing strategy to reach a larger audience for your music.

Sending your mashup in a link from Youtube or SoundCloud makes things easier for the listener. If you want to include a download link you can put those usually in the description or some similar option of the network.

I think keeping your mashup in one of these services also has the added benefit of analytics. Having a platform that allows you to see the number plays or social shares gives you an advantage so you can see trending information. It gives you a sense of what people like and maybe what direction you should continue to explore musically.


How to use social media to promote your music

If you’re like most mashup producers you may be engaged in any one of the big social media networks. You’re working on creating followers, asking people to like you or follow you but still you may have a small audience. If you are like Girl Talk and have over 52 thousands twitter followers , sending out a tweet about your latest mashup is easy to get plays.

Get socially engaged. Get your Facebook, Google+ and Twitter set up and start sharing content. These are great platforms to engage with your audience and to have a bit of fun while your doing. You would be surprised how many talented mashup producers I have found, did some digging for them on twitter or anything only to find out THEY ARE NOT SOCIALLY ENGAGED.

So how do you get people socially engaged to your music? Crafting a tweet that uses some well placed or researched hashtags, some direct mentions (maybe of the artists used?) or even find something that is trending and piggy back on that wave might be the way to go.

At MashupCiti I use tags like #mashup or #remix or even direct message people. The mashup hashtag is very specific and it’s easy to track those conversations, but the hastag ‘remix’ or ‘music’ is much broader, used more often and by a much larger audience so your post could fall through the cracks.

Some final Thoughts

At the end of the day, getting a few more plays for your mashup is always a good thing. Going to where your audience is really is a good rule of thumb and ask them to listen to your music. Blogs like MashupCiti that spend a lot of focus on finding that audience for you, do a lot of the heavy lifting, are great element to your audience building strategy.

Do you have any tips and suggestions for new mashup producers? Leave a comment below! (pro tip, this is another way in getting your name and music out there!)