What do you need to make a Mashup?

One of the more popular questions we get here at MashupCiti, other than requests to mash two songs for a wedding, is this, “What do I need to make a mashup?” Well quit simply you need an idea. Like all of us, we hear one song and may make a connection with another. Probably due to the constant sampling or the very popular (for now) re-envisioning of 80’s and 90’s tracks. Did I imagine Flo-Rida re-purposing a Dead or Alive track. So let’s say you have an idea, song A and song B. The next step is to start working that into reality.

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We have several mashup tutorials here, each using different software suites. Some free, some you have to pay for. Each are excellent in their own right and each really will cater to your music style. So to get you started, here are a few tutorials;


So there you go. This should get you started and on your way to creating some sweet mashups! Once you get done, be sure to share them in mashup communities like GYBO, Mashuptown, Global DJ Network or Sound Unsound. Once you’re ready, send them here to MashupCiti and we may post them!

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