Bits & Pieces

Bosselmeyer has released a new mashup album, “Bits & Pieces”. Happy weekend Mashup Citizens!

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On January 25, 2013, I released an EP called ‘Play Dis Pleiades.’ It was a continuation of a much earlier mix that I’d made, and it featured 45 sampled artists over the course of a 28-minute continuous mix. Shortly after completing that, I started this. I call it ‘Bits & Pieces’ because I’ve used both newly created material and older mixes and singles of mine to make this album. Seeing as it began with the ‘Play Dis Pleiades’ EP, I saw fit to include the final track from that EP as the prologue to this album.

What follows is over an hour of mashed up goodness in a continuous mix, split into three movements and an interlude and ending with an epilogue. This is my longest and most complex album, and I consider it my best. Over 100 artists sampled with a runtime of 01:15:18, spanning multiple genres.

I just wanna thank you for listening (and downloading if you so choose). You can find my first album, ‘Freud Phobia,’ in the sidebar to the left along with the aforementioned ‘Play Dis Pleiades’ EP. The rest of my singles are here on SoundCloud, and everything I’ve ever released is on my YouTube channel.

Alternate download links:

Individual Tracks:…dual_Tracks).zip

Continuous Mix:…tinuous_Mix).zip

Hope you enjoy the album!

– Bosselmeyer