Digital Cuvée

The original “Analog Cuvée” project was released in 2011 and was initiated by Pozsi and Basic. It blends Analog Cuvée’s own modern electronic beats with Hungarian, Transylvanian as well as Moldavian folk music influences. 10 song were recorded with artists like Balogh Kálmán dulcimer artist, Bonkáló Éva folk singer, Krsa, Animal Cannibals, Sub Bass Monster, BeatBox Döme, Salamon Beáta, Magyar Bori or Balkan Fanatik.

In 2011, Pozsi and Basic released the “Analog Cuvée”, a blend of Analog Cuvée modern electric music with Hungarins, Transylvanain and Moldavian folk music into an epic 10 song mashup/remix album. “Digital Cuvée” is the continuation and evolution of this project for 2012. Enjoy!