Here is an amazing body of work from DOSVEC (A.k.a. DJ What) deriving from a very personal experience that he is will to share with us and take us on a journey.

The Story Behind Glimpses

Glimpses is an album that reflects a time span in my life in which I thought I was dating someone but in reality I just had another fan from a distance. We all deserve to be treated the way we treat others and it’s never a good thing when we give 100% but the other party doesn’t.
The songs in the album have individual meanings during the time I was with this person and the track listing is in chronological order during the time I was with her.

When I first meet you, you had me as a 1. “Twisted Boy” with the hopes of me saying 2. “Ooh Ahh ,I am, Home”. As time passed by I really thought we were approaching 3. “Better Than Dog Days” since I felt we made it to 4. “Otherside”. You mentioned how I spoil you by me 5. “Shining Down on Whatever You Like” and I did that thinking 6. You Got The Love” that could 7. “Make Me Better”. I hoped the day would come when you would 8. “Touch My Bridge & Go” but as I waited for 9. “Delta 1406, to, Wake Up” from its delay. I wondered 10. “Where Had The Love Gone”? 11. “The Things You Can’t Get Enough” were obvious as I was the only one giving all I could & 12. “Just The Way You Are Not Alone” my 13. “Addiction” were the “GLIMPSES” you would give me to your true self. I don’t believe in 14. “ET” but I do know when 15. “Rolling In Life” nothing and I mean NOTHING will succeed if YOU don’t give 100%. We almost had it all  if you would have let me 16. “Get It In Deep” to your mind, body and soul.


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