Guilty Pleasures vol. II – RICKRAWKED

  1. Phil RetroSectror – Ricky * Rick VS Rocky
  2. Qubic – The Jig is Never Up * Rick VS String Cheese Incident
  3. Crowded Babes – Never Gonna Give Avril 14th Up * Rick VS Aphex Twin
  4. G3RSt – Never Give Up The Small Things Rick VS Blink 182
  5. Divide & Kreate – Never gonna freak you out Rick VS Graham Coxon
  6. DJ Morgoth – Never Gonna Give Your Teen Spirit Up * Rick VS Nirvana
  7. DJ Useo – Radio Rick * Rick VS The Clash
  8. lobsterdust – Never Gonna Fool Your Gold Rick VS The Stone Roses
  9. Mighty Mike – Neverending Rick VS Mika
  10. DJ Tripp – Never Gonna Clock You * Rick VS Coldplay (Royksopp remix)
  11. MadMixMustang – Don’t You Ever Give Up Wanting Me Baby * Rick VS Human League
  12. Sugamotor – Never gonna give you up in a heavy situation * Rick VS Sugababes
  13. Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up (Xam‘s Trance Break) * Rick VS Xam



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