Jimi Hendrix – the DRA’ experience

The DRA’man Jimi Hendrix mashup album! Full of greatness and fresh beats! In anticipation of the new Jimi Hendrix album release “People, Hell & Angels” , this is aptly timed.

What you get in this fantastic experience;


01: Give me love or confusion
Instrumental: TIMBALAND – give it to me
Acapella &guitar: JIMI HENDRIX – Love or confusion

02: Little miss underdog
Instrumental: KASABIAN – Underdog
Acapella: JIMI HENDRIX – Little miss lover

03: If 6 cigarettes was 9
Instrumental: FORT MINOR – Cigarettes
Acapella: JIMI HENDRIX – If 6 was 9

04: 22 highway chile
Instrumental: LILY ALLEN – 22
Acapella & guitar solo: JIMI HENDRIX – Highway chile

05: Foxy lady gets me gone
Instrumental: FORT MINOR – Get me gone
Acapella & guitar solo: JIMI HENDRIX – Foxy lady

06: Do it like a fire
Instrumental: JESSIE J – Do it like a dude
Acapella: JIMI HENDRIX – Fire

07: Ain’t no tension
Instrumental: BLOC PARTY – Positive tension
Acapella & guitar solo: JIMI HENDRIX – Ain’t no tension

08: Are you experienced like me
Instrumental: THE QEMISTS – Dem na like me
Acapella & guitar solo: JIMI HENDRIX – Are you experienced

09: Shimmy shimmy traffic
Instrumental: O.D.B. – Shimmy Shimmy ya (remix)
Acapella: JIMI HENDRIX – Crosstown traffic
Additional beat: DRA’man

10: Other wing
Instrumental: MORCHEEBA – Otherwise
Acapella & Guitar solo: JIMI HENDRIX – Little wing

11: Magic spanish soup
Instrumental: KATE NASH – Pumpkin soup
Acapella: JIMI HENDRIX – Spanish castle magic

12: Wait until leave it
Instrumental: WAX TAYLOR – leave it
Acapella: JIMI HENDRIX – Wait until tomorrow