MashPolish Vol. 1

Volume one of the Mash Polish album is released and holy crap I cannot wait for the next one. This one was assembled and featured over at Mashup World, great stuff.

1. DJ Slovak – Pop Mashup (13 songs)
2. WhiteBoy – Big Bad Heads Will Roll Wolf
3. EnigmaticDJ – Summer Thunder Hold On
4. Chart Mashup – What Goes Around Comes So Young
5. DJChYlu – We Love Party
6. DJ Grzello ? Cher Lloyd, Fun, Bieber, Nelly Furthado and Katy Perry Mashup 2013
7. DJ Intense – I Love It
8. DJ Luter One – Szacunek Ludzi Ulicy
9. DJ QIU – Karczmareczka
10. JCUP – Beautiful Life
11. JZBK ? Sending My Thunder
12. Kawuer – Lean Back Warszawy
13. Sobota & Weekend ? Ona Tańczy Dla Mnie (2sty Blend)
14. SandPokers – Tremble Lion
15. Demaker – Reload SLVR

BONUS Tracks

B01. DJ Break – First Party Break (Short Edit)
B02. Backoffice Project – Mash The Rap Up

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