Stereogum vs team9 mysplice 2007

I’m not to sure where to put this under, as it is an album….of sorts. Really though, whatever it is, its FANTASTIC! From stereogum and team9 comes this years “singles” as seen by stereogum. It also sounds like this is sort of an end year tradition for them? I’ll be honest and fess up, I’ve never even herd of them, but this little compilation has peeked my interests. So, here is a link to the album in bit torrent and zip.

Jay-Z vs. Grizzly Bear

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  1. team9 vs. Stereogum – “It’s A Sweet Ghost Party” (Band Of Horses vs. Guns N’ Roses vs. 2 Live Crew)
  2. team9 vs. Stereogum – “M.I.A.-Team” (M.I.A. vs. The A-Team Theme)
  3. team9 vs. Stereogum – “Smalltown Apology” (One Republic vs. Bronski Beat)
  4. team9 vs. Stereogum – “Roc Knife” (Jay-Z vs. Grizzly Bear)
  5. team9 vs. Stereogum – “A Forest Prayer” (Bloc Party vs. The Cure)
  6. team9 vs. Stereogum – “Loose Dancing” (Bangers & Cash vs. The Bee Gees)
  7. team9 vs. Stereogum – “My Man My Bomb” (Feist vs. New Young Pony Club)
  8. team9 vs. Stereogum – “Smokey Fire” (Arcade Fire vs. Smokey Robinson vs. The Gunsmoke Theme)
  9. team9 vs. Stereogum – “Countdown To Girls” (Europe vs. Sean Kingston vs. Calvin Harris)
  10. team9 vs. Stereogum – “Ratatat Under Ether” (Ratatat vs. PJ Harvey
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