Top 12 Mashup Albums of 2012

Not all albums of 2012 were as popular as some that had been featured in the past, but maybe just give them time to sink in! So here we have the top 12 mashup albums in 2012!


  1. Santastic VII – It’s a wonderful mash: Ready for Christmas 2012, this was very popular for the holidays for good reason!
  2. Mash the Fatale Up (Femme Fatale Mashup Album): Older post from 2011, but still getting lots of love. We love dem crazy ladies!
  3. Strictly 2012 – Let’s Go To The Mash Mall: You know the mash mall, where everything is awesome!
  4. DIFF – Dubstep Mashup Album: DIFF continues to please in 2012!
  5. We Can Dance: Hugely satisfying with a broad range of mashups to enjoy!
  6. Worlds Greatest Pop Mashups: From 2010 this mashup album is a must have!
  7. The Grey Album (Re-Mastered): A classic mashup album re-mastered!
  8. 80’s Mashed 2 : Oh 80’s. I didn’t like you much back then, but I can’t help but love you now. Mashed, not stirred.
  9. Mashup Manifesto II (Isosine ): Sounds uni-bomber scary but it’s a great album!
  10. Smash the dancefloor 3: I’m not done : Causing floor damage everywhere, carpenters rejoice you will have plenty of work thanks to this one.
  11. Lana Del Rey Mashup Album : Creative reflection of Lana Del Rey.
  12. Chillax, come down…. : Just chill bra