Worlds Greatest Pop Mashups

Once again, the talent at Sound Unsound has been rounded up to produce a compilation album for those who enjoy pop tunes.

You’ll find eighteen tracks from some of today’s finest bootleggers, remixers, and mashers:

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Worlds Greatest Pop Mashups playlist:

01-The Middle Girlfriend (DJ MashUP)
(Jimmy Eat World vs Avril Lavigne)

02-Know Your Enemy That Got Away (Marc Johnce)
(Katy Perry vs Green Day vs The Killers)

03-May the Boogie Cube B with U (Svelte Edit) (QUBIC)
(Thomas Dolby vs Black Eyed Peas vs Vitamin Dub)

04-Imma Celebrate (mARKYbOY)
(Donna Summer vs Madonna)

05-Teenage Shout (Chocomang)
(Katy Perry vs Tears for Fears)

06-Bad Prima Donna (DJ Useo)
(Christina Aguilera vs Michael Jackson)

07-Dub Be Good to Be Alive (mARKYbOY)
(Saphir vs Beats International)

08-Wonderbridge (Chocomang)
(Oasis vs Red Hot Chili Peppers)

09-A Love Chute Vision (Tweylo)
(Cheryl Cole vs Foreigner vs Infernal vs Kathy Brown)

10-Take A Look Around Alejandro (rillenrudi)
(Lady Gaga vs Limp Bizkit)

11-Dire Foo (DJ Petrushka)
(Dire Straits vs Foo Fighters)

12-Human Strangers (DJ Useo)
(The Killers vs Van She)

13-Listen Never Forget (mARKYbOY)
(Noisettes vs DHT)

14-Club Cant Disgust Me (DJ Useo)
(Flo Rida f/ David Guetta vs Manila Presents Partytrooperz)

15-Sweet Pussies (rillenrudi)
(Beyonce vs Pussycat Dolls)

16-Sexy Raven (DJ Useo)
(David Guetta f/ Akon vs Mussy Moody & Kindzadza)

17-Bring On the Dust (Chocomang)
(The Police vs Queen vs Enya)

18-Mondo Outta Here (DJ Useo)
(Esmee Denters vs Jovanotti)