10 Fashion Rules You should Swear By As a Man

Let’s be honest: most men can be fashion illiterate sometimes. They can often show up at your best friend’s wedding sporting a pair of dirty khakis, their favorite college t-shirt, and a pair of flip flops and wonder why you and everyone else are staring. Men also form bonds with some of their clothes, refusing to throw away that pair of ripped up boxers that got him laid with that gorgeous cheerleader or slipping into that stained, smelly shirt when the basketball game is on for good luck! While we would never ask you to part with your favorite treasures, we have compiled a list of rules for you to follow that will help you avoid awkward situations and keep you looking spiffy wherever you go!

10 Fashion Rules You should Swear By:

1. If it smells, don’t wear it!

Your sweat stained t-shirt is only appropriate when working out at home or doing something labor intensive. Your guy friends and spotter at the gym may not say anything, but trust us, they want to see you, NOT smell you!

2. Dress appropriately for the occasion!

Fancy dates, weddings, funerals, and job interviews require more than just a t-shirt and jeans. If you are ever in doubt, strap on a pair of nice khakis and a button down!

3. Popped collars are NOT in style. 

Ever. There is no situation in which wearing the collar on your shirt folded up is appropriate.

4. Don’t wear sunglasses at night or in a club.

We have all heard that cheesy song and despite its popularity, you will look like a jerk wearing your shades in the club or at night.

5. No torn jeans!

Nobody wants to see your underwear so get rid of those pants that have the huge hole ripped in the butt!

6. Do your best to match!

Lime green does NOT go with red so don’t mix your favorite bright green t-shirt with your favorite pair of red shorts. You might think it looks awesome but we can assure you that it does not. If you do decide to wear a bright color, play it down by pairing it with black, brown, or gray.

7. Muscle tanks are not date appropriate!

Yes, we know that you want to show off your awesome muscles and you may think that your date will be impressed, but she won’t be. You should only wear a muscle tank UNDER a date appropriate shirt (button down, nice t-shirt or long sleeved shirt).

8. Flip flops should NOT be a go to shoe!

Flip flops are really only appropriate for gym workouts and visits to the waterpark or beach.

9. Plumber’s crack is NOT okay!

If you know that your pants ride low, make use of a belt or a long t-shirt! The last thing anybody wants to see when you are bent over is your crack!

10. Although it’s not necessarily fashion related, it’s still incredibly important: do NOT overdo it with the cologne!

We want to be able to see you coming, not smell you from miles away! One to two spritzers is more than enough; anymore than that and you are at risk of choking everyone around you!

About the author:

Arie Hill is a fashion blogger. She is also part of 10 Sterline; an e-commerce site for men’s accessories. Head over to their site to see 10 Sterling’s range of titanium rings.