3 Apps That Show You The Real Power Of Your iPhone

Who would have every thought that when Steve Jobs rolled out the iPhone, we would be doing so much with it? Think about it for a second: The iPhone is hardly just a phone. It’s actually not even a simple smart phone. It’s more than that. It’s FAR more than that. We start to use it for directions, arguments, gaming, and even safety. How it came to this, I have no idea. In all honesty, I am 100% okay with the way things went down with technology. I know some people say that we should stop relying on technology for so much, but I completely disagree. Here are a couple apps that you should check out to show you how powerful your iPhone really is!


Sleep Cycle

Who would have thought that are sleep cycles would be so important. My parents knew very little about things like this. Yes they were very smart when they were in school but information is traveling a lot faster these days. I say that to say this: Because of all the info available online, I can now look up any study, statistic or opinion out there! So when someone told me about the importance of a sleep cycle, I jumped online and checked out some stats and it actually DOES matter! Then I checked out this app called “Sleep Cycle” (yeah… not so creative) and all it does is sense how you sleep at night (freaky, I know) and wakes you up according to when you are furthest away from your deep sleep. So that when you wake up, you will feel refreshed!


Figure – Propellerhead

Skrillex wanna-be’s rejoice. This app has cost me many hours in my bed creating many songs. All it is a bunch of loops you can simply edit but they all sync together so its so simple to make music! It really can get pretty intricate. You can adjust the tempo, bass & synth lines, and then even the key. It really amazes how far music has taken technology (or in some cases the other way around!) Make sure that when you create these songs, you share them so that all your friends can hear that sick drop you made.



From the time that home security started to become a necessity, there was always a market to create technology that helped you stay safe! Which is great, but I have found some companies that really turn this into a racket. If you aren’t familiar with the alarm industry, it gets pretty expensive! Thankfully, there are companies that have the best home security standards around, and still manage to undercut the competition in price. I don’t know how they do it, but they did it for me and I love it. The best part is the app they use. Alarm.com is free on all platforms of smartphones. That makes it pretty amazing because I can simply control my whole house with the home security systems simply from my little smart phone. That really makes investing in such a system really futuristic. Making my phone turn into some kind of James Bond device. That’s pretty incredible!



About The Author: Ronak Kallianpur is an avid blogger and musician. Follow him on TwitterInstagram and check out his music on Soundcloud.