3 Easy Ways to Learn Piano

Music is a global phenomenon that has bought pleasure to many a generations, and continues to do so in the modern day. One of the greatest things in the world is learning to play an instrument and delighting yourself, friends and family with your skills. There are many instruments that are fun to learn, such as, guitar, bass, drums and violin.

One of the most popular instruments for its many uses, benefits and wonderful music making ability is the piano. The piano is a fun and delightful instrument to play! It has an amazing tone, and you can play infinite types of music. It is considered as being an important endowment for all musicians, even though it is not their leading instrument to play.

Piano is one of the oldest instruments in the world and is really the hallmark of many genres of music, whether it be classical or rock. The modern day still enjoys the classic traditional piano, but technological innovation has also brought electronic keyboards, which are highly advanced and really feature packed machines that make piano playing and learning a lot of fun.

There are many ways of learning to play the piano, but we will analyze just 3 ways to learn the piano, including: keyboards, online piano lessons and learning piano at home with a teacher.

Electronic Keyboards

If you can afford to buy a piano, or simply you don’t want to buy one, a keyboard is an excellent alternative and a much cheaper one at that. They are also much more mobile and easier to keep in a smaller home. Of course, there’s also the alternative that you can borrow a piano for someone or taking a piano from someone that wants to get rid of it.

From the very beginning, learning how to play keyboards on your own will not be the easiest thing ever, but it can be done. Practice first the scales, then the chords or the arpeggios and basic things at the very beginning. So you will be ready for your song and fingers will be ready and “warmed up”.

Online Piano Lessons

You will find on the World Wide Web thousands of online lessons that teach you to play, both structured programs and more freestyle types from teachers on YouTube and individual sites. Maybe while you were a child you had a few lessons and now you remember something, maybe you have tried with your best friend and your teacher and now you just need a refresh. You will not find it so difficult and you will soon love it.

Take a new piece, two measures a time and go over it again and again several times. The next day, do the same with few next measures, and then include the measures already learned the day before and play them together. With this kind of practice, you will be able to keep your fingers trained and you will take time to listen the sounds and how they are mixing up together.

Professional Piano Teacher And Private Tutoring

Among the 3 easy ways to learn the piano, this one seems to be the most expensive because employing someone skilled to teach you piano lessons at home, must imply some costs. If you can afford them, this seems to be the best, easy and sure way to learn to play the piano. A teacher will have the perfect skills, aptitudes and methods to teach you in a very short period of time, to improve your own skills and refine them. Another perk is that teachers will help you to learn music theory, which is reading sheet music so you can play anything you want.

As with any worthwhile skill, practice makes perfect, and the more you play the better you will get, so keep it up and enjoy!