August updates

Howdy peeps. Just wanted to let you know some stuff that has/is been going on. You may have notice I have been a bit late in publishing some songs lately. My better half and myself just finished moving into our (first) new home! We figured it was time to take the plung and become home owners! So the last 2 weeks have been a furry of packing, moving and unpacking. Very chaotic in all but absolutely worth it. We love the new house and the extra space that comes with that. We still have some stuff coming, some contractors coming in and finishing off the counters, cabinets, etc.

The next big thing is I’m heading off to Oslo, Norway for a week for work. I’m leaving on Saturday 16th and won’t be back until the following weekend. During that time I’m not sure how much listening to mashups I’ll be able to do as I’ll probably be doing lots of site seeing and of course working. If there are any mashup producers who want to meet up and go for a pint, let me know via email or comments in this post. In the mean time, I’ll be posting mashups still so keep on sending them in.