Best Oculus Rift scares

I’ve been paying attention, hungrily at times, on news bits and pieces of the Oculus Rift vr gizmo. One of the things I’m absolutely enthralled with is the degree of immersion into these fantastical worlds that is being explored and the possibilities and implications around them.

Chatting with my good buddy Xaxen, we traded back and forth some interesting reactions to Oculus Rift game play, jokingly adding “Some one is going to have a heart attack!”. I think that’s not too far from the truth at times but that could be said about anything. Just have a look at some of my favorite scare reactions to people playing on the Oculus Rift. I seriously hope that one day I can try it out myself!

This game “Alone in the Rift” makes a few appearances here as this is my candidate for the first game to cause a heart attack. PewDiePie’s reactions are pretty damn funny.

I think one of the main reasons why “Alone in the Rift” scares so well is it’s use of music and sound in creating it’s spooky atmosphere.

I love this one because I thought for sure this guy was going to puke. To be honest this is one of my biggest fears about this Oculus Rift.

Perfect for shark week. There is something absolutely terrifying about seeing what is just off in the murky distance and knowing what is inevitably coming to eat you.

This is more of a “let’s play” of this new horror release “Outlast” which I’ve just added to my wish list. Add the Oculus Rift and my god. I don’t know about this.

This is awesome, it’s called “Dreadhalls”. No build up, just BOOM, I quit!

With all the scaring aside, where does this fit into music? More on that exploration later.