Canadian media companies just don’t get the internet.

After reading this article, Canadian Media Companies Target CBC’s Free Music Site at Slashdot, I was infuriated and then slightly amused once I calmed down. A group of concerned, greedy media companies are targeting because they are really offering a better service. Harper forbid if we actually have a competitive landscape that fully functions within the laws of our society!

‘The only music that you can hear for free is when the birds sing,’ said Stingray CEO Eric Boyko

Really? Somebody should let Eric Boyko know that his dated viewpoint of how media is going to work now and in the future no longer accommodate his business plan. Sorry, that’s how it works bub. The market changes, technology evolves and you either innovate and adapt or fall the way of the dinosaurs.

Doing a quick search, the companies forming this corporate mob all have seen increases in their public shares over the last year. So, maybe they do get the internet. Maybe they see the potential here and understand their way of doing things is looking very precarious?