Canadian telecom companies continue to get away with murder

A while ago, I posted a little rant and links to some information regarding the gouging that Canadians are receiving from the telecoms that continue to see year after year of million dollar PROFIT. Fortunately for us, this continues to get media attention, and deservedly so.

CBC recently did some coverage on this, and what you will see will blow you away. This corporatist culture of greed at any and all cost is rampant and out of control. Problem is, our Government is bought and made to shut up and sit in the corner like a good little dog while their master continue to have it’s way with the general population. It’s disgusting, unpatriotic and counter productive to a free, open modern society.



Pissed? You should be. If you haven’t signed the petition, check it here. Also, looks like we may have an election coming up. Wouldn’t it be nice if we started some pressure on our public representation to do something about this undemocratic greedy monopolization by the communications companies in Canada. I think so.