Chris Vrenna: Not even mad bro

With all the hubbub over pomDeters awesome mashup “Call me a Hole” and Chris Vrenna’s comments to TMZ  things have turned around to end on a more positive note;

Chris Vrenna vs. pomDetterpomDetter had this to say (reddit);

“So Chris Vrenna doesn’t hate me or mashups, he finds them silly, and fair enough because they are at the end of the day, it’s all a bit of fun and you can’t take yourself too seriously. He is however quite supportive of remixes, I have a friend who swears he used to post on GYBO in it’s early days. Plus he’s giving me the opportunity to remix his band, how fuckin cool is that?

So he’s been dragged into this because TMZ needed a scoop, no publicity is bad publicity tho, I’m sure we both got a bunch of hits out of it. Just don’t be hating on him because of a celebrity gossip article.

Now where’s my Billy Ray Cyrus acapellas to drop over tweaker. Just kidding!”

So what have I learned from all this? Make a mashup, get the original artist (or as close to as possible) to say something angry to your local tabloid and then start working with said artist!