Coolio Selling Off Music To Fund Chef Career

Coolio Selling Off Music To Fund Chef Career


Man Behind ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ to auction off 123 songs

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Remember Coolio? Okay, maybe not. He never made it super big, but he definitely had a hit or two in his career, including the song he’s probably most famous for writing – “Gangster’s Paradise.” The one time rapper has been getting into cooking in a big way for a while and is ready to take his career as a chef to the next level. His royalties on his music must not be too high because he’s thinking about selling 123 titles to raise money to fund his new career path.


According to an article in the Guardian in the UK earlier this summer, the Royalty Exchange will be auctioning off the 123 tracks, including “Gangster’s Paradise.” Will a big name brand buy a song or two for advertisements? Maybe. Will Coolio’s career as a chef be better and more distinguished than his career as a rapper? Possibly. How much will he get for his music? Good question!


Looking at Coolio’s music catalogue, he had eight albums over 19 years. The collection of music will probably bring less than $200,000 according to some sources. Coolio is 50 years old and hasn’t had a hit in quite a long time. The $23,227 he receives in royalties every year just isn’t enough to sustain his quest to become a chef.


Gangsta Chef’s Paradise


Back in 2009, Coolio came out with a book – Cookin’ With Coolio. He also has a website where he publishes videos and other content centered around cooking – his new passion. The money from the sale of his music will be used to fund his current efforts, including another possible book and further development of his website and cooking brand. Will he succeed? No one can know for sure, but selling the music and moving on might be a very good idea for the aging gangsta rapper.


Snoop Dogg is another aging rapper who has tried to rebrand himself recently – as Snoop Lion, a name he picked up after a trip to Jamaica. He’s taken on more of a reggae sound rather than rap or hip hop, which he was known for at one time. There’s been no announcements of his selling his music catalogue, so he’s probably going to be sticking to music. Coolio, however, is moving on to becoming the world’s first ex-gangsta searching for and finding a chef’s paradise.


Also this summer, Coolio faced domestic violence charges. He was accused of punching his girlfriend on April 1, 2013 when they were arguing in Las Vegas. He denied being the aggressor in the incident and a press release stated the sale of his music was about his cooking career and not related to financial or legal troubles. Maybe the “blastin’ and laughin” is just beginning for Mr. Coolio.  

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