Design Your Own Hoodie

Hoodies are a popular item of clothing, and whether you wear them for comfort or style, there are plenty of fantastic designs for you to choose from. However, customised hoodies are becoming more and more common, and are the perfect way to show off your personal style as well as provide unique clothing for your sports team, a special birthday, a stag/hen party and more. We give you some ideas for designing your own hoodie below.

For Sports Teams

Whether you’re a member of a university, school or just your local sports team, a customised hoodie makes a great item to help bring your team together and is ideal for socials, gatherings, away trips and more. A popular idea is to design your hoodie in your team’s colours, with the team’s logo on either the left or right chest and put the team’s numbers and on the back. There are many great designs you can choose from to suit your team perfectly.

For Stag/Hen Parties

What better way to celebrate your friend’s stag or hen party than by kitting out the group in a unique hoodie to commemorate the trip (as well as show everyone else who you are)? Hoodies are ideal for travelling as well as covering up whilst getting over the hangover and you can tailor your hoodie to feature details about the trip, the bride/groom as well as include funny nicknames for each person in the group.

For School Leavers

Hoodies are incredibly popular with school leavers, and are one of the ideal ways to remember your school days, as well as everyone who was there. Design your hoodie with your school name as well as your name on the front and fill the back with the names of everyone in your year. A popular option is to set the names out in a way that they form your graduating year. Custom hoodies for school leavers are also a great way to raise money for an end of school party or a prom.

Special Occasion Hoodies

If you’re going away on a special trip or holiday or are celebrating a significant birthday, designing a custom hoodie for your group is a great way to celebrate and show others who you are, as well as keep track of your group (especially if it’s a large one). You could list all of the stops on your trip or just keep it simple with the title of your trip or occasion and a name or nickname on the back of each one.

There are plenty of great designs to consider when designing your own hoodie, and it is more affordable than you may think. Choose from plenty of colours, fonts, designs as well as add your own images and logo – the possibilities are endless. Custom hoodies are fun and easy to do and provide you not only with a piece of clothing, but also something to remember the good times.

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