How digital downloading can launch a music career

There was a time when making it big in the world of music was only possible by getting signed by a record label. However, the Internet has changed all that, and anyone who sings, plays an instrument or writes songs can now become a published recording artist. The myriad of digital downloading services and music streaming websites means fame and fortune is within the grasp of anyone with sufficient talent, and making material available for download plays a key role in making that happen.

The changing nature of music

The way people buy their music has changed significantly over the course of the last few years. Just two decades ago, the vast majority of albums and singles were bought in the CD format – in brick-and-mortar stores. However, digital downloading has completely revolutionised the industry. People can now buy their music without leaving their homes. Whilst this has been bad news for companies like HMV, Zavvi and Woolworths, it has opened up the market to independent recording artists in a spectacular way.

The steps to success

It is now possible to record good-quality tracks using some relatively cheap recording equipment and computer software. This is turning bedrooms and garages all over world into mini recording studios, and it is allowing musicians to shape their own careers. However, once tracks have been recorded, an artist needs to get them listened to – which is where digital downloading solutions become essential.

Whether they are making their work available for free, providing short excerpts to build their profile or selling their tracks as a professional artist, aspiring musicians can either make their work available on dedicated music services, or they can use their own website. By adding links to downloadable content to their own site, singers and songwriters can make the entire world their marketplace.

Once on a site, a fan can choose to listen to small clips of tracks before purchasing, and integrated payment systems complete a seamless operation. MP3 and MP4 files can be downloaded directly to the buyer’s device – whether it’s a laptop, a tablet computer or a smart phone. This simple, user-friendly way of making music available is, in effect, allowing amateur musicians to create their very own recording labels.

Integrated digital downloading solutions

Many of the digital downloading solutions currently on the market offer several options which improve the experience of the end user. For instance, seamless integration with social media is now possible, and entire discographies can be made available for purchase and download with just one software package. Artists can protect their work from copyright infringement with digital rights management software (DRM), and sophisticated preparation technology allows musicians to create high-quality music files of a professional standard. Other features such as UPS barcodes and software that prevents IP infringement are putting the power back into the hands of the musician – and taking it away from powerful corporations.

Digital downloading is revolutionising how people buy and share information and creative works. Musicians in particular can benefit from integrated download solutions on their own websites, as it allows them to grow their following, make money and forge a career in music on their own terms.

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