EMI Entertainment World, Inc. squashing the creative

EMI sent DJ Lobsterdust a “cease and quite fucking with our music” letter the other day for his most excellent mashup Nirvana vs. Lady Ga Ga, Nirgaga. Turns out they are sending something similar to anyone who links to this particually awesome mashup as well.

While the regular “cease and desist human!” robotic monotones of lawyer gibbly-goo are not too surprising in our little mashup world of deviants and rubber duckies, the whole “DO NOT LINK TO THIS OTHER SITES POST”  kinda is.

A writer at the RFT (River Front Times) by the name of Annie Zaleski wrote an article to preview an upcoming Lady GaGa concert and showcased DJ Lobsterdusts mashup NIRGAGA. Her editor a few days later received the cease and desist letter, in which I’m guessing, they quickly removed the links pointing to the mashup.

Meh, just one of the perilous rocks in the wild and crazy river boat ride we are all traveling on I suppose. I wonder what the extremely creative Lady GaGa would think of all this?