Following the Artist

Since the advent of the rock and roll era in the 1950s, catching a favorite artist in concert is a thrill music lovers have enjoyed. The chance to spend money on a ticket and enjoy two hours with a beloved musician is something never to be forgotten.

Catching an artist on a particular tour is a thrill in itself. Seeing two shows on the same tour is a show of artist loyalty. Enjoying the artist enough to follow him or her around the country? Celebrating a band’s tour around the world? Now that is dedication.

It isn’t necessarily a pipe dream. Someone with the means or resources to see his or her favorite singer on as many as 30-40 dates around the country will find a way to get it done. It might not be as expensive as you’d think, either. There are ways to get around the roadblocks of how to get from point A to point B to point C and beyond.

An artist usually releases information on an upcoming tour online, often with plenty of notice. This gives you a chance to find out when tickets go on sale, what venue the artist will be at and what is around the area. How far is the arena from your hotel? Where can you eat? All of these questions are important.

Even though you may have money saved up, you will still need a credit card for charging the tickets once they are released for public sale. Another option might be to find out which credit card is best to use. If it is one you don’t have but could easily apply for and get approval, then do so. If you are involved with or are working for a company that gives employees a business credit card offer, this might be another good option to look into. Often these come with perks or rewards. With as much travel as you will take, the chances are very good some rewards such as discounted or free airfare/rental cars might come into play.

Study the schedule. Find out if the arena is in the center of a city or in one of the suburbs. Is it located close to the airport? If it is, you might be able to use a taxi to get to the arena and back. Look at plenty of websites regarding lower-cost airfare. One-way fares will be more expensive, but there is still a chance to save money.

If there are three or four cities within close range of each other (Minneapolis, Milwaukee and Chicago, for example), don’t fly between the cities. These are close enough where you can rent a car and drive, and you will save a little air-travel money.

Rental cars, airfare and other money for incidentals such as food/drink and souvenirs will be easier to come by with a little detective work online. Once you have done the hard work, sit back and enjoy your favorite artist over and over.

By Becky W.