Getting Involved in Mashups

This is part 3 (?) of my little series explaining all the background stuff that I went through in making MashupCiti.

In 2007 I had my mashup site launch and had a lot of work ahead of me. Back then I felt I had a decent start in presenting the mashup music I liked, but of course with 5 – 10 people visiting a day, I wasn’t ‘collecting’ the mashup music I had hoped for. So, back into the wilds of the internets I went with some objectives in mind;

  1. Find more mashups I like.
  2. Participate in mashup communities.
  3. Extend a hand to various mashup DJs and invite them to send me their mashups.

So I would dedicate a few hours in the evenings and weekends to set out and start doing this. I hadn’t met my wife yet so I had time on my hands. 😛

Of course at the time, the main big place to interact with DJs, Bedroom producers and mashup artists would be going straight to MashupTown. However, I decided not to do this, well, not aggressively at least. In some ways I viewed this as trespassing and I didn’t want to burn any bridges. I was the unknown person and viewed myself as an outsider still. I still visited MashupTown and had some involvement in the community there. Mostly providing feed back where request on mashup songs I enjoyed.

I was also accumulating a massive bookmark list of mashup sites I frequented in searching for mashup music. I began to realize this ‘underground’ music scene wasn’t so hidden. In fact it was all over the place, which made things easier but also more complicated in some ways.

So I began lots of commenting and emailing and my first focused effort in ‘social media’ which has been an extremely frustrating and rewarding experience so far.